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AI-Powered Detection & Prevention for Your Browser

Protecting against Ransomware, Malware, and Credential Theft

ConcealBrowse, powered by our AI engine, identifies potentially harmful webpages autonomously, stopping cyber attacks that take advantage of weaponized links - while maintaining your browser speed and experience.

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By taking 30 seconds to give us some basic information, you’ll be on your way to free licenses! ConcealBrowse can be deployed in minutes with minimal configuration and immediately provides advanced protection in the browser.

  Browser Plugin - Lightweight browser extension that easily converts any browser into a zero-trust, secure browser

  Proactively Addresses Unknown Risks - Before you know there's a risk, we've already taken care of it

Deploys in Minutes - Integrates easily into existing security packages or functions as a standalone solution

User-Friendly - Quick and seamless for the end-user, requiring no training or technical knowledge to set up or use

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What is ConcealBrowse?

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AI-Powered Detection and Prevention

Seamlessly identify emerging threats and proactively neutralize them

Detection: Harnessing the intelligence of AI, Conceal identifies emerging threats in real-time, ensuring you’re always a step ahead

  Prevention: With Conceal’s proactive AI algorithms, we don’t just spot dangers—we prevent them before they breach your defenses