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ConcealBrowse on iOS & MacOS is Coming

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Browser Security, Without the Compromise

You don't have to rip and replace your browser or sacrifice user experience to get top-notch browser security. 

We have a better way.

ConcealBrowse delivers superior protection while keeping your browsing smooth and seamless.

Built for Everyone

Deploys in minutes. No latency. No user disruption.

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ConcealBrowse is a core technology in our mission to protect users from phishing and web threats.

Bilal McDonald - k.hov
Bilal M.
Lead Cybersecurity Engineer
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ConcealBrowse stopped Russian ransomware dead in its tracks. The best service I have in my stack.

edward hood
Edward H.
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A cybersecurity no-brainer. Conceal is a solution that every business should be using.

darren prine color
Darren P.
Managing Partner
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ConcealBrowse has been a game-changer for the College of West Anglia, providing us with a unique layer of security that integrates easily with our existing systems.

brian whitehouse
Brian W.
IT Operations Manager
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Conceal’s solution has been a game-changer for our cybersecurity posture. It’s not just about the product itself but the peace of mind it brings. It punches way above its weight, offering outstanding value for money.

Mansel K.
IT Manager
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Don’t be Phished, get ConcealBrowse! I've been delighted with ConcealBrowse. After rolling it out to all my users, I know I don't have to worry as much. ConcealBrowse works with our cybersecurity stack to offer us a great layer of protection against malware and phishing. Everyone should have ConcealBrowse!

Cheyenne Harden
Cheyenne H.
Owner & CEO