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Browser Security purpose-built for MSPs.

ConcealBrowse, powered by our AI engine, identifies potentially harmful webpages autonomously, stopping cyber attacks that take advantage of weaponized links - while maintaining your browser speed and experience.

Lightweight Browser Extension - converts any browser into a zero-trust, secure browser

Proactively Addresses Unknown Risks - before you know there's a risk, we've already taken care of it

Deploys in Minutes - integrates easily into existing security packages or functions as a standalone solution

User-Friendly - quick and seamless for the end-user, requiring no training or technical knowledge to set up or use

Potential for Revenue Growth - built-in multi-tenancy to easily deploy downstream to your clients with monthly billing



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Why Conceal is the perfect fit for MSPs

MSP-friendly licensing

• Flexible monthly billing

• Pay-per-endpoint

• No minimum order

Exclusively-built MSP dashboard

• Multi-tenant management

• Silent deployment

• Configure allow/block list settings

Lightning-fast deployment

• Deploys in minutes

• No hardware needed

• No user training required

Seamless Integration

• Integrates with current security stack

• Works as stand-alone solution 

• Pre/Post processing integrations

Partner Success Enablement

• Co-branded support

• Virtual training sessions

• Dedicated partner portal


Amazing Support

• Live chat

• Partner Support

• On-demand tutorials and FAQs


Boost your service value and revenue with Conceal

Learn how Conceal empowers MSPs like yours to:

Reduce client security incidents + support tickets

Strengthen the value of your service stack

Drive long-term recurring revenue

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What our MSP Partners are Saying:

- Edward Hood, Hood Security Services
"Great, easy protection against phishing and malicious sites"
- Wells Anderson, SecureMyFirm Inc.
"A Winning Partnership"
- Laura Jean Romero, InNet

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