Conceal & Carahsoft Team Up to Offer Educational Institutions in the U.S. up to 500 free Student Licenses of ConcealBrowse

Protect your network from 100% of email and browser threats with ConcealBrowse. Our AI-driven secure browser extension protects your organization from malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks, credential theft, and other online risks.

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Defend your Organization & Students with AI-Driven Browser Security

Discover how ConcealBrowse will:

Offer schools the ability for content blocking to prevent certain sites from being reached

Extend protection across email, web apps, and collaboration tools, preventing browser exploitation and web-based attacks

Stop sophisticated phishing attempts beyond the inbox

Prevent costly and destructive zero-day cyber attacks

Stop tomorrow's threats today with AI for advanced threat detection

Deploy in minutes with no impact on your existing infrastructure or user experience


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Open to all education institutions within the United States, subject to eligibility and verification by Conceal and Carahsoft.

Why ConcealBrowse?

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ConcealBrowse represents the future of browser security - where artificial intelligence, user experience, and comprehensive protection coalesce to create a browsing environment that’s as safe as it is seamless.

Neutralizes threats from any origin - email, web applications, social media, and collaboration tools.

Overcomes persisting challenges despite robust email security layers, Security Awareness Training, and phishing simulations - acknowledging the impossibility of reducing click rates to 0%.

Acts as a protective layer, covering browser-related blind spots, effectively mitigating risks associated with human vulnerability in online activities.

Click with Confidence Knowing You're Protected 

Awards & Recognition

Black Unicorn WINNER
Conceal - Endpoint Security - Finalist
Conceal - Email Security - Finalist
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"I was immediately captivated by ConcealBrowse's innovative approach to intercept threats at the browser level. This integration has not only strengthened our layered security strategy but also proved to be a seamless experience for our users once implemented. Overall, ConcealBrowse has significantly enhanced our network security while maintaining user-friendliness and minimal administrative overhead."

Brian B. | Director of IT

"With low upkeep from a software management perspective and its ease of deployment, ConcealBrowse is among the top 10% easiest software I have had to deploy. The adaptability of the product, its ability to integrate with existing security tools, and the significant improvement in our ability to stop malicious sites make ConcealBrowse an essential part of our cybersecurity strategy."

Skyler H. | System Admin.

Case Study: College of West Anglia
ConcealBrowse for Higher Education
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