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AI-Driven Browser-Based Threat Protection

Protect your network from 100% of email and browser threats with ConcealBrowse. Our AI-driven solution protects your organization from malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks, credential theft, and other online risks.

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Protection Beyond the Inbox, Using AI-Driven Browser Security

Discover how ConcealBrowse will:

Extend protection across email, web apps, and collaboration tools, preventing browser exploitation and web-based attacks

Stop sophisticated phishing attempts beyond the inbox

Prevent costly and destructive zero-day cyber attacks

Stop tomorrow's threats today with AI for advanced threat detection

Deploy in minutes with no impact on your existing infrastructure 

Access full visibility and reporting of high-risk users

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Why ConcealBrowse?

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ConcealBrowse represents the future of browser security - where artificial intelligence, user experience, and comprehensive protection coalesce to create a browsing environment that’s as safe as it is seamless.

Neutralizes threats from any origin - email, web applications, social media, and collaboration tools.

Overcomes persisting challenges despite robust email security layers, Security Awareness Training, and phishing simulations - acknowledging the impossibility of reducing click rates to 0%.

Acts as a protective layer, covering browser-related blind spots, effectively mitigating risks associated with human vulnerability in online activities.

Click with Confidence Knowing You're Protected 

Awards & Recognition

Black Unicorn WINNER
Conceal - Endpoint Security - Finalist
Conceal - Email Security - Finalist
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brian bazzell

"Conceal is so easy to implement; everyone needs to do this. The extra layer it provides for security is priceless!"

Brian B. | Director of IT

edward hood"Stopped Russian ransomware dead in its tracks. The best service I have in my stack."

Edward H. | Owner

darren prine color

"A cybersecurity no-brainer. Conceal is a solution that every business should be using."

Darren P. | Managing Partner